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Our names are Cathryn and Corynne Bouchard.  We were diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease called Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC) shortly after our 1st birthday.  This disease took Corynne's life just before she would have been 20 months old, and Cathryn's life at 22 months old.  We hope you will take a moment to read about this disease and how you can help stop this from happening to many other children like us who have received this devastating diagnosis.

NPC is a disorder affecting lipid metabolism (the breakdown and use of fats and cholesterol in the body), in a way which causes harmful amounts of lipids to accumulate in the spleen, liver, lungs, bone marrow, and brain.  These substances are building up in our bodies every day.  As the substances build up in our brains, they cause neurological problems that worsen with time.  For Corynne and Cathryn, the storage of these substances in the lungs was the primary problem.    


Currently there is no cure for NPC, and there is no standard treatment that has proven to be effective.  This disease is always fatal.  It is difficult to predict life expectancy for a person with NPC.  In general, the earlier that a patient has neurological problems indicates that the patient will get worse more quickly. 


There should never be no hope for children.  That's why we hope that you will join our family in our Million Dollar Mission to support research for treatments and a cure for NPC.



Thank you for your generosity, love, and prayers.

Still fighting for a cure -



Sweet Angels Corynne and Cathryn

Online "$10 for their 10th"


Cathryn and Corynne's 10th Birthday is September 7th, 2016!  


To celebrate their birthday, we are aiming to have 1,000 people donate just $10 to a Camp Sol, a non profit organization..will you help us reach our goal?


For details on how to donate, visit our You Caring Site:


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